My Name is Stan Haworth and here is a quick run down on our line.
(1) James Clegg  born c 1775 marr12-12-1804 Birstall YKS Eng Mary
Walker born c 1780
(2) William Clegg Born 10-06-1805 Birstall YKS Eng
(2) Ann Ellen Clegg born 10-02-1808 Birstall YKS Eng
(2) Leah Clegg born 11-04-1810 Bir
stall YKS Eng
(2) Nowell Clegg born 02-09-1812 Birstall YKS Eng
(2) Eliza Clegg born 03-16-1814
(2) Sarah Clegg born 10-04-1815 Birstall YKS Eng
(2) Sam Clegg born 06-22-1817
(2) Joseph Clegg born 06-06-1819 Birkstall YKS Eng died 09-26-1885
Footscray.VIC.Australia mar 1841 Yorkshire Eng  Ann Parker born
07-09-1820 Yorkshire Eng  died 01-01-1906 Melbourne VIC Australia

If you cane get a tie in with this info  we have quite a lot more info we
can send you . this is my wifes side and there is still a lot of Clegg's
over here in Western Australia.

Hope this helps you GOOD HUNTING.

Stan Haworth