1862 Letter from Henry Clegg in England to his son Henry

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Contributed by Chris Christiansen

This was the last letter received from Henry Clegg.

Henry, received thy letter on the 8th of ______ was very glad to here from you all. Things here are in a very bad way. Factories are some of them shut up all together and some are running short time 2 days and some 3 days in a week. Things have been in a very bad state. We are glad to know that you are all doing well. I have not yet seen that letter thou has sent to _____ Thomas but I will ____.

Thy mother and me are still living on this earth but our time is very short. Thy mother is very ill aflected with rumetisim. She can hardly walk acros the flore. I am very thankful for the mones thou sent. It has done us good. Thou wanted to know how we went on at the house of correction with those 4 young men. 3 of them had 6 months each and one 12 months. They had other inditements against them. We got part of our money back. We stand greatly in need of help but we cannot expect that thou can have any thing to share having a wife and 6 children to keep thou has enough to do. We would like to see thy wife, thyself, and thy children. But we never shall. Thy wife is like a fruitful vine. They are a great blessing to you. We wish to know how our Jonathan is going on and Ellen and all her children and what they are doing for a living and what is William doing? We would like to see all of you but we never can.

Our Alice is very poorly and our Betsy is very well in health but is very poor. She sends her love to thee and thy wife and all of you. She has buried her youngest child lately. She has only two children, they are living at Blackburn Fallan. Cook and Betty are living at Manchester. Thy mother will send her likeness if its possible but she cannot go to Preston she is so lame.

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