Look on the side that’s bright;

    Let Hope your bosom swell;

All things will turn out right

    So whisper: “All is well.”

Suppose the times are hard,

    ‘Tis useless to look sad,

It can no help afford,

    And sad invites the sad.


Behold the budding flowers;

    Tis sunshine makes them grow,

While warm congenial showers,

    Add scent where petals blow.

The noble works of God

    That everywhere abound

Should fill the heart with love,

    And prayer and praise resound.


If troubles fill your breast—

    They also come to me;

It may be for the best,

    That grief at times we see.

If we the bitter taste

    We more enjoy the sweet,

And oft’ from dreggs of waste,

    Spring joys that are complete.


Though things look dark as night

    The clouds will roll away,

Before the morning light,

    Chased by the King of day.

Let not the heart despair

    Or cast our spirits down

Why should we borrow care?

    Grief cannot sorrows drown.


Seas are not always still,

    Oft’ angry billows roll,

And test the sailor’s skill

    His vessel to control.

Our hearts can find relief

    Our burdens be made light

If we in facing grief

    Look on the side that’s bright.


                        Henry Clegg Jr.


                                9/18/186?, Springville, Utah

                                Published in “THE TELEGRAPH”