Clegg Hall

Clegg Hall - stone built, about 2 miles NE of Rochdale and within the parish of Whalley. Harland (7) states

On this site was the old house built by Bernulf de Clegg and Quenilda his wife as early as the reighn of Stephen. Not a vestige of it remains. The present comparitively modern erection was built by Theophilus Ashton of Rochdale.... about the year 1620. ... It was in the square, low, dark, mansion, built in the reign of Stephen, that this crime is said to have been perpetrated, - one of those half-timbered houses, called "post and petrel", having huge main timbers, crooks.... the interstices being wattled and filled with a compost of clay and chopped straw. ... gave rise to the stories .. the "Clegg Hall boggarts" ... some time about the thirteenth or fourteenth century.. a wicked uncle destroyed the lawful heirs of Clegg hall and estates ... by throwing them over a balcony into the moat... (7)

Boggarts occur in other legends and are referred to in the book Ancient Prince? by ? that covers the discovery of ? Man in Chat Moss in 1986.

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