Ancestor and Family Cemetery Information

An asterisk indicates graves decorated on Memorial Day by Cousins Club Committee

Heber Cemetery, 700 North 600 East, Heber  (Numbers refer to location of graves on map at bottom of page)

1.       Almon Giles Clegg and Geneva Denison Clegg

        *2.       Henry Clegg, Jr. and Margaret Ann Griffiths Clegg (3rd wife) (2nd wife Ann Lewis Clegg is also buried here) (1st wife Hannah Eastman Clegg died while crossing plains)

        2A.       Jonathan Clegg (son of Henry Clegg, Sr.)

        *3.       William Giles Jr. and Christina Carlile Giles

        *4.       William Giles Sr. (buried with 2nd wife, Mary Day) 1st wife Sarah Huskinson died 5 Sep 1857 and is buried in Provo. (Grave location given below under Provo Cemetery)

        *5.       John Carlile and Elisabeth Williamson Carlile

        *6.       Robert Carlile and Christina Spouncer Carlile

        *7.       George Almon Clegg and Sarah Elizabeth Giles Clegg

        *8.       Margaret Ann Brierley (husband, Richard Brierley buried with 2nd wife)

        *9.       Rilla Viona Clegg Kummer and George K. Kummer

        10.       Keith George Kummer

        11.       Christy Clegg Brierley and James W. (Bob) Brierley, Bernice M. & Earl George Brierley

        12.       Shauna Clegg

        13.       Dorothy Ruth Acker Clegg


Provo Cemetery, 610 South State, Provo


>                 Sarah Huskinson Giles. Within the cemetery the streets are laid out in coordinates. The grave of Sarah Huskinson Giles is at 3rd North and 3rd West, just past 310 North, but before 350 North on the east side of 3rd West. She is buried on a Giles plot.  Her headstone says Grandmother Sarah.


Midway Cemetery


>                 George Elmo Clegg and Ruby Mitchell Clegg

>                 DaNeil Giles Clegg

       Graves are located on the very northwest corner of cemetery


Millville City Cemetery, Millville, Cache County, Utah


>                 Bertha Clegg Yeates and John Byron Yeates.  Graves located in the northeast quarter.


Park City Cemetery


>                 Kenneth Kummer.  Grave is near the center of the east end of cemetery.


Salt Lake City Cemetery, 200 North N Street


>                 John Griffiths. Enter cemetery at the southwest corner. This will put you on Main street of the cemetery. Go north on Main until you pass 310 North. Grave is on the east side of Main about halfway between 310 North and 355 North.


Salt Lake City Area


>                 Virginia Clegg Newbold and Melvin E. Newbold, Elysian Gardens

>                 Shirley Mclntosh Newbold, Elysian Gardens.

>                 Carladene Newbold Jones, Wasatch Lawn

>                 Dianne Lloyd Newbold, Larkin Sunset Gardens, Sandy


Contributed by Jonathan Clegg.