A Few Tidbits on the name Almon (Revised)


          Almon Hyrum Clegg (s/o Almon Giles Clegg, s/o George Almon Clegg, s/o Henry Clegg and Margaret Ann Griffiths [Sister to Jane (Eleanore) Griffiths Fullmer]) writes:


          Some have, in the past, been skeptical of my claim about the origin of the name "Almon", which many have thought came from Almon W. Babbitt, an early pioneer saint and friend of the Prophet Joseph Smith. The name, however, came from Almon L. Fullmer who befriended Margaret Ann Griffith and her sister Jane Ellenor (or Eleanor) Griffiths after they arrived in SL Valley as they came in from Wyoming on the Martin Handcart company. It was shortly after their stay in SL that Margaret Ann and Eleanor were sent their own separate ways; Margaret Ann was taken in by Henry Clegg and Jane went to live with Almon L. Fullmer. They both, eventually, married these men that befriended them.  Here are some points of interest:


1.      John Griffiths was Margaret Ann and Jane Eleanor's Father.  He died the day after arriving in Salt Lake City with the Martin Handcart Company of frozen feet and exposure. Born 7 July 1810, Died 1 December 1856.  John Griffiths was one of the first native born missionaries in England and was the first president of the Woolwich Branch of the Church.  He was instrumental in converting many members. He was well known by many of the early church leaders in that part of England.


2.      Margaret Griffiths was Margaret Ann and Jane Eleanor's Mother who died on 7 July 1853 in England (couple of years before the Martin Handcart company trek.)


3.      Margaret Ann Griffith, born 15 April 1840; was 16 years old when they crossed the plains. Died 29 July, 1929 in Heber City, Utah at the age of 89!  She married Henry Clegg (father of George Almon Clegg) on 14 Aug  1857.  They moved to Springville soon thereafter; later to Heber City, Utah where Henry Clegg was a successful business man, civic and church leader.


4.      Jane Ellenor [or Eleanor] Griffiths, born 6 March 1848, 8 years younger than Margaret Ann, and 8 years old  when she arrived in SL Valley with the Martin Handcart Company. She married Almon Linus Fullmer on 31 July 1864 at the age of 16 They made their home in Idaho and were successful farmers.  Almon Fullmer came from a strong LDS family who had converted to the church and moved to Nauvoo, he being born in Nauvoo, 26 Oct 1844. Almon Fullmer died 10 Jan 1919 in Cache valley Utah at the age of 74.   The Fullmer family were close friends of the prophet Joseph Smith and other church leaders.  The Fullmer family stayed faithful over the years and the entire family immigrtated to Utah with the early Saints.  Almon's Aunt, Desdemona Fullmer, was one of the spiritual wives of Joseph Smith, for example.  Jane lived until 20 Sept 1929, being just a few weeks after her sister Margaret Ann passed away and at an age of 8 years younger, or 81 years of age. Eleanor and Almon Fullmer lived in Cache Valley, Providence, Utah in their later years where Almon died; he leaving this existence about 10 years before Jane.  Jane died in Tetonia, Teton, Idaho when she was staying with one of her children.  The funeral was held in Providence. 


5.      Jane and Almon Fullmer had several children that lived until their death in the Teton , Idaho area. It is not known how often  Margaret Ann and Jane Eleanor were able to visit each other during their years after arriving as they were married and raising their own families. Probably not much and I don't know if there were letters back and forth or not. I don't recall any mention of Margaret Ann going to SLC or Cache valley to visit her sister.  However, there are photos of them standing together when they were in their elder years, so we know they had some contact with each other in a personal way.  (Photos can be found at www.clegghistory.org).


6.      It was customary, to a great extent, in those days, to name children after relatives or others that had strong signifance in their lives.  It was reported by Margaret Ann in one of her journal histories that she had great respect for Jane's husband Almon Fullmer.  It is now wonder that they chose this name for one of their many children.  It was George Almon Clegg, my grandfather.  George Almon Clegg and Sarah Elizabeth Giles Clegg named their first son Almon Giles Clegg.  And Almon Giles Clegg and Geneva Denison Clegg, my parents, named me Almon Hyrum Clegg.  My grandfather on my mother's side was named Hyrum Denison.  So, the tradition of naming children was followed, at least in my case.


7.      My father, Almon Giles Clegg, grand-nephew of Jane and Almon Fullmer records in his audio history this (as told to LaVar Clegg and subsequentally transcribed):  “I’d like to mention here how we got the name “Almon”.  My grandmother Margaret and her sister Jane were the only two alive [of the family] out of the company that came across the wilderness and prairies to come to Salt Lake City in the Martin Handcart Company, of which you possibly know the history.  This sister of Margaret Griffiths, named Jane, married a man by the name of Almon Fullmer.  When Dad was born, Margaret named him in honor of her sister Jane and her husband.  And of course, that was passed on to me.”


8.      Both Almon Linus Fullmer and Jane Griffiths Fullmer were buried in the cemetery located in Millville, Utah.  Millville is located between Providence and Nibley just south of Logan, Utah should anyone want to visit their graves.  Pictures of the cemetery and the headstones can be viewed at www.clegghistory.org. This cemetery is often interchangeably referred to as the Providence or Millville cemetery, but it is located in Millville, Utah and is now days referred to as the Millville cemetery.


Hope this is of interest to you.


Almon Hyrum Clegg


PS: Almon L. Fullmer was born in Nauvoo. So he came across the plains, too, as a young child. He and Eleanor had 12 children, but 2 died in infancy. (Gene Fullmer, the famous boxer is a descendant of Jane and Almon Fullmer!)


PPS:  Almon is a bible name, coming from the Old Testament.


# Numbers


    * Numbers 33:46  And they removed from Dibon-gad, and encamped in Almon-diblathaim.

    * Numbers 33:47  And they removed from Almon-diblathaim, and pitched in the mountains of Abarim, before Nebo.


# Joshua


    * Joshua 21:18  Anathoth with her suburbs, and Almon with her suburbs; four cities.



Original:  February 2001

Revised: 25 February 2007