Letter from Henry Clegg, Sr to his son, Henry Clegg, Jr

Aug 4, 1856

Henry Clegg                                        

I take this oppertunity in writing to you hopeing it will find you all in good health as it leves us at preasent  we are very glad to hear from you.  we received thy letter on the 21 of July   our Jonathan and his family sailed out of liverpool For Amarica on the 5 of May   perhaps he will reach thee before thou gets this letter

I dout he will have avery troublesome journy with all his family eccept James    we have had aletter From James   he has come from Gibrealter and he is at Plimath   he did not say in his letter about his father and Mother   he thinks he will soon get his discharge   I have wrote to him

We have received all thy letters and we are glad that thou has received ours

I hope the crickets will not have again destroyed your crops this year

I am now on this month in my age August 4..68 in 1856.

I am working my way through life as well as I can, but I am very cant   I can yet walk 20 miles in A day but I cannot expect long to be so    Ďthy mother is well considering her age   I am living and cloging at Moonsmill   we have only 10 D apare for cloging Womans   out Thomas has took ahouse and shop at Belfast in Ireland and he is caring on Both there and at Bamerbridge     our Betsy and John are still at Blackburn Factory work here is very brisk here.   I think you will often be in want of many daintise having no trade with other nations   I think it would be much better if you had more trading with them for one nation is dependent on another.  England is a first rate place for that but it is distresed with great Salivise and taxation.

We often think and talk about you and Israel   his Granmother is often Speaking about him   we should think it agreat Blesing if we ever should be permited to see you we often think of the sufferings you have had in going that tedious journy    I no thou has suffered a great deal both in Body and mind in having on the way to leave thy Blessed wife and that lovly child but I donít wish to harvist they Blessed feeling up with too much thought of these things   we rejoice that thou has got A Partner which thou Prises so Dear   I hope your love one to another will continy

Thou are worthy of a good Wife for abetter lad then thou are and allways was and is there never was   I am happy to say thy wife is greatly Blest with her choice of such a husband   we would feel our selves very happy to behold her face to face

I hope she will be frutful and greatly multiply and be as Olive Branchis round thy Table   is it my Prayer that the God of Heaven may rest his Blesings upon you

I am glad that her parents is near you   send me word what part of England they have come fromHenry thou wishis me to join your church and be Baptised   thou knows that I rely wholy on the mercy of God in Christ jesus   I know that asinner cannot find mercy with agod of Justice   no other way but thrugh the rightousness and sacrificis was offered up for remision of sins where in was the sheding of Blood   I can bear Testamony that when I came to God this way I saw justice satisfyed and I received the remission of my sins and as a command to fulfil rightious I was then Baptise I have not the lest dout but I shall Die the death of the rightious and be among the Blood washed throng Praising God for his redeeming love for ever and ever.

Henry be thou gets this letter our Jonathan and his family will have arived with thee and I hope all will be well with them   I hope that William has landid safe   I think Elin will have had many a hard tug and I am sure our Jonathan will have had many a hard day and night   may the lord Bless him and all his family in all there undertakings amen.   If I was there with Billy we would have Plenty of fun catching fish and those Butiful Birds thou speaks of   Be a good lad Billy it may happen be the case some time.

I am 68 this day aug 4 1856   henry thou said in thy letter that thy wife she would send us aletter but we have not got one yet   we could like one from her

Henry all thy Frends and acquences sends there best respects to thee hoping thou will do well    in thy next letter send us word what thou pays for leather and wood and nails and candles sope meal and flour and coals and potatois   we sent 2 of music wire 6 is and up

As they Wife is such agood Singer I have sent heravirse to sing in remembrence of me

Henry cloging here is at a very low heb and work is hear at avery low eb   it is Both scarce and little for doing it   it is very hard for me to keep myself and thy mother but I dont wish thee to put thyself any out of the way to help us   I dont Desire it of thee    our probation here is very short and we shall soon have done

Tell Israel his Granmother is often talking of him Preching for her about Dicke Birds that turtle Dove I had at liverpool our Alice has it yet

thou never sent me word whether thou ever made any use of thy Net   we have fine weather now and the crops is very good, but through having been at War with Rusha it has made flour very Dear

I was over at Liverpool not long since   I was at Mrs. Hodgson and she told me that Mr Mixhan From Manchester had been over and was inquiring after thee and he told her if thou ever came to set up Business in England he would give thee credit with goods to the value of 3 hundred pounds   Richard Densy was with him and he was made his head man

William says he thinks of coming to you next summer but one but I hardly think he will

our Betsy and John sends there kind love to you all    The are living still at Blackburn    John says he would like to come to you

I hope our Jonathan will send all perticurs of his vouage as soon as he arives with you

Thomas parker whshis to o if his brother Henry Parker be yet alive as he has not herd from him this 9 years.   He went from Wittle near Chrly   thou must inquire for him and send work in thy letter whether he is yet alive or not

Henry thou says that Brigham Yong is atrue Prophet    well be it so but thou must not forget that Jesus Christ is our great Prophet Preist and King     Henry I am no secterion    I have the New testament  For my rule of life   the Blood of jesus Christ his son clenseth us from all Sin   it is that fountain which is open    For sin and uncleaness he became sin for us he who new no sin that we might be made the children of God in him    here in england we have no arbeterry laws   every man can worship God even as he beleives

William and Alice sends there kind love to thee and they Wife and Isral and Robert singleton and Betsy sends there kind love to thee and our Betsy and John and our Thomas and his family sends there love to thee, and Mrs Salthous and Elin and Billy and Mary   I wrote to Mrs. hodghen at liverpool But i have not got answer and I have not see thy Uncle Johathan nor any of his family lately   when thou sends thy next letter derect ti

Henry Clegg    Moonsmill in Waltonledle lancashire england

I must now bid you ferewell   it may be I shall never hear fromyou again but I hope to meet with you on Zion hill

Henry Clegg


             (The above letter was written by Henry Clegg (husband of Ellen Cardwell) to his 8th child, Henry.  Henry Jr. first married Hannah Eastham.  After her death, he married Ann Lewis.  His third wife was Margaret Ann Griffiths. The above information was furnished by Helen Clegg - one of the family genealogists.)


January 10, 2000

I have entered this document into a word processor from a copy.  I have made every effort to duplicate the document exactly as I received it.  My Grandfather is George Henry Clegg, he is the fourth son of William James Clegg and Mary Elizabeth Mudd Clegg.  William James was the son of Jonathan Clegg, referred to in this letter.  This letter was given to me by my Grandparents.

Susan Biesele